Loving Cat Care for Today’s Seniors

I love cats! You might love them too. Cat care can bring as much joy to cat owners as it can to their cat companions. This is especially true for seniors.

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Senior citizens have needs unique to their age group. Whether it is because they may live alone, because loved ones are passing away or because their children are living their lives as grown adults, many struggle with loneliness as they get older.

Cats can be the perfect companions because while they do require care, they remain inside the home. They are joyful, peaceful, warm companions who are always there when you want a friend.

Choosing a New Cat Companion

Shelters are full of feline friends that would make great companions and are just waiting for a warm heart and friendly face to welcome them into their home. They may already be fixed, have their shots, be litter trained and ready to meet their new life-long friend.

It is best to choose the cat whose age and personality is the best fit for your lifestyle. Older cats are generally the best fit for most seniors. Kittens often require a lot of attention and can make quite a few messes on a daily basis. Older cats will play and jump up to sit on their companion’s lap, but they will not need a lot of training or constant attention. Kittens will naturally have more energy and could easily become overwhelming for a senior.

Bring a Cat Home!

Think you are ready for a new cat companion?

Cat ownership can bring excitement and peace to the life of a senior, but it can also be overwhelming if you are not ready for such excitement. Make sure to bring the cat home on a day with a blank schedule. There should be nothing going on other than the bonding with the cat and the cat finding his or her way around their new home.

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Ready to Learn More about Cat Care?

From cat toys to litter training, from cat food to understanding behavior, my articles and site features will help seniors find all the information they need for responsible and healthy cat care.

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